Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about NebiOS

What is NebiOS?

For End-User:

NebiOS is an operating system based on Linux. It is designed for casual users, gamers, creators & programmers. NebiOS promises high performance and security.

For Linux-Exprienced Users:

NebiOS is an Ubuntu-based Linux Distribution that aims for removing the bloat-feel of Ubuntu, more optimized exprience, creating a modern & usable operating system for end-user.

Why NebiOS based on Ubuntu, not on Debian or Arch Linux?

NebiOS is based on Ubuntu because the driver support. The NVIDIA (The mostly used Graphics Card Brand, according to the market-share) drivers especally with Optimus, works properly only on Ubuntu. And this is not only reason, there is highly count of Ubuntu-certificated Laptops and Desktops that reason for the NebiOS based on Ubuntu.

But, don't worry. There is no nonsense things of Ubuntu like Snapd and Ubuntu Advantage in NebiOS.

Why did you need to make NebiOS?

We need to make NebiOS because there is no commerical power (in the sense of market-share) of Linux. At NebiSoft, we believe there is an brand needed for represent the Free Software as commerical.

You are saying NebiOS is not bloat but why the ISO file is 4-5 GB?

The reason NebiOS has such a large file size is the runtimes, pre-boot driver files and artificial intelligence libraries it contains. We want to bring everything ready for our users.

And no, we do not intend to make a small size ISO file. building the x86 and aarch64 versions take a lot of our time (1-2 days).

Why is the NebiDE desktop environment not available for other distributions?

NebiDE designed especially for NebiOS because it uses NebiOS components like NebiOS app bundles, NebiCloud integration, and more. We don't believe NebiDE works properly on another distros.

How did it all start?

NebiOS also actually successor of Spez Linux project. When the project discontinued in early 2020, the old project's manager Sarp Ertoksöz working on the new OS with "Linux for everyone" motto. After a few long pauses, the first version was finally released in November 2021.

NebiOS 2.0's development is begin on December 2021 and It's announced on 2 April 2022. You can find the old releases (in ISO type) in here.

Hey! Who are you?

Please look at NebiSoft's about section.