Always further.

NebiSoft was established in July 2021 along with NebiAluminium and NebiOS projects. The projects we do aim to help the community, governments and businesses. Together with our employees and partners, we ensure that our software can be developed forever and that it can work comfortably and stably on any platform.

Our Mission:

We always respect privacy, we never collect and sell data from our users in every single product. We develop software that meets the criteria in our vision.

Our Vision:

To provide the end user with software and services that care about user privacy, are fast, efficient, open source, secure, modern infrastructure.

NebiSoft and Free Software

Free software has its own place; we always believe in its strength, quality and security if you are a member of the Free Software Foundation, the volunteer developers community, etc. if it wasn't for they, we'd never have been.

Our Important Persons:

Sarp Ertoksöz

16 - Management chairman, project manager, main programmer at NebiSoft.

Contact Us:

E-mail: [email protected]