NebiOS for Gaming

Are you a gamer? Whether you prefer indie or triple-A or e-sport titles, NebiOS can run a wide range of games available on platforms like Steam, Epic Games+GOG via Heroic.

Optimizer Configurator

NebiDE Optimizer

A Must-Have Tool for Gamers

Boost your FPS by up to +87% with NebiDE Optimizer. It accomplishes this by disabling animated wallpapers, deactivating the compositor (which enables effects like blur and animations), setting game priority to maximum with Game Mode Daemon, and limiting NebiDE's resource usage. You can customize these optimizations using the Optimizer Configurator.

No More Input Lag or Audio Lag

Thanks to NebiOS's optimized input system, say goodbye to input lag. With Pro Audio powered by PipeWire, you can hear enemy sounds sooner through RAW audio access.

Pro Audio feature

Enhanced Game Compatibility

NebiOS offers compatibility with a vast library of games. Here's a selection of popular games known to run smoothly on NebiOS:

NebiOS uses Steam's Proton (that tool used on Steam Deck) to launch most of these games.

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Game Name



60 FPS


80 FPS
+33.33% on NebiOS

Download NebiOS and Elevate Your Gaming Experience.

Download NebiOS 3 Public Beta or NebiOS 2