The NebiSoft brand is owned by NebiGroup, the company that guides and supports the development of NebiSoft products. These guidelines describe when and how the base brand should be used.

Company and Product Names

The word NebiSoft is a trademark of NebiGroup to refer to the Company itself. It is always done in an adjacent way, even when starting sentences. It can also be used in consection with product names (i.e. "NebiOS") to refer to a specific product of NebiGroup. NebiSoft's primary product is NebiOS.

Brand Marks

NebiGroup claims two marks: the “N” logomark and the “NebiSoft” logotype. Both are considered trademarks and represent NebiGroup.

Both should be used with the following in mind:

Default Logomark

Alternate Logomark

The "N" logo mark will be used to refer to NebiGroup, especially when a square ratio is required. It should be used in larger sizes and next to similar weighted logos. The alternate logo mark can be used in monochrome content or when the default logo mark feels too heavy.


The “NebiSoft” logotype is to be used when space allows to refer to NebiGroup. It may also be used before a product name to refer to a specific product of NebiSoft (Only "Nebi" Section).

The logotype should always be used under the following guidelines:


We employ the use of color combined with our name and marks to establish our brand. We use the following palette:




















We use "Karla" for Web and print, for titles and for general body.

Hardware distributors

Whether downloaded from our website or pre-installed on a hardware, we want to ensure that the software delivers a consistent experience as long as it has basic branding features. The software components of NebiOS may be modified and redistributed in accordance with the terms of the software license. In any case, our brand may only be redistributed under the following conditions::

Software pre-installed applications, style sheets and iconography, configuration files, etc. it is protected by its unaltered state, including. Changes are approved in writing. We understand that drivers, hardware authorization and distributor branding are important to our distributors, so almost all of these changes will be approved by NebiGroup. In case of doubt please contact us for clarification or instruction.

If you are reluctant or unable to comply with the trademark distribution terms, deleting NebiSoft's trademark from the operating system should be simple and devious:

To exclude the trademark, modify the DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION line in the "/etc/lsb-release" file. Change the iconography so that the distributor-logo icon of each file size provided at "/usr/share/icons/Tela-yellow/places/"" does not appear on NebiOS. delete "/usr/share/plymouth/themes/NebiOS" folders.


Usually our brand (name or brand icons) we don't allow 3rd party products.

More Information

If you would like more information about the use of NebiSoft name brands and brands, please contact us.