Privacy-respecting, free and encrypted chat for everyone.

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Feature comparison:

NebiChat Discord TeamSpeak Skype Google Hangouts
End-to-end encryption Yes (by default) No Yes (not default) Yes (optional) No
Audio recording Yes No No Yes No
Does not requires a server Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Open-source Yes No No No No
Service integrations Yes Yes Yes Yes (but paid) No
VoIP Yes No No Yes No
File Sharing & Size Yes, 200 MB for free Yes, 8 MB free, 50 or 100 MB paid No No No
Video call Yes (powered with Jitsi) Yes No Yes No
Screen Sharing Yes (powered with Jitsi) Yes No Yes No
Peer-to-peer Yes No No No No

Switch away from these privacy-invading services:

Google Apple Inc. Meta Microsoft Coporation Other
Google Hangouts iMessage Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Skype Discord